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Newtown, Connecticut

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Code Red
The Town of Newtown has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System.  Sign up for the CodeRED Early Warning System.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.      How did you arrive at the value on my automobile?
Connecticut Assessors, utilize the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) appraisal guide for automobile valuations. An assessment rate of 70% of the NADA published average retail selling price is used as the assessed value.    

2.      When and where can I file for Elderly Homeowner Tax Relief?
Applications for the Elderly Homeowners Tax Relief program can be filed annually between February 1st through May 15th in the Assessors Office.  In addition, the Assessor’s Office will be at the Senior Center to accept applications on certain dates through out the filing period. Individuals may obtain these dates through The Newtown Bee and/or calling the Assessor’s Office.

3.      What requirements must I meet to receive Elderly Homeowner Tax Relief Benefits?
a)      Must have been sixty-five years of age at the close of the previous calendar year.
b)      Must own and be a resident of Newtown as of October 1st.
c)      The 2011 income limit for individuals that are single is $32,300 and $39,500 for married individuals. (This income includes Social Security Benefits)
d)      Bring in a copy of your tax return and your SSA-1099 Social Security Income Report.  If you are not required to file a tax return, please bring in all documents pertaining to taxable income, along with your SSA-1099 form.
4.      Does the Town of Newtown offer an Elderly Tax Credit?
The Town of Newtown does offer an Elderly Tax Credit. This program is offered by the Tax Collector’s Office. For more information and requirements please see Tax Collector’s information.

Does the Town of Newtown offer a Local Option Veteran's Exemption Program?
The Town of Newtown does offer a Local Option Veteran's Program. In order to apply for this program veterans must file or have filed their DD214 with the town clerk before October 1st for the next calendar year. The filing period for this program is February 1st through September 30th. The Local Option Veteran's Program is based on income levels of $41,200 for a single individual and $45,000 for married individuals.  Income qualifications are established from an individual’s federal tax return and the SSA-1099 Social Security income report and/or all reportable income forms if a tax return is not required for the individual.  Qualified applicants will receive a $10,000 assessment reduction from their real estate assessment or a 10% real estate assessment reduction (whichever is greater) before taxes are calculated for the July tax bill.  A public notice for this Local Option Veteran's Program will appear in the local newspapers during the fall of each calendar year.  Please call the Assessor's office with any questions.

5.      How do I appeal the assessment of my Real Estate or Personal Property?
In order to appeal an assessment an individual must file an application in the Assessor’s Office to appear before the Board of Assessment Appeals.  Applications must be received on or before February 20th of each year.  Meetings normally are held during the month of March.

6.      How do I appeal my Motor Vehicle assessment?
If an individual believes that an assessment is inaccurate they can appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals. The board meets during the month of September solely for appeals relating to motor vehicle assessments appearing on the preceding Grand List. The taxpayer must appear before the board in person in order to consider the appeal. If the individual is unable to attend in person the individual may give written authorization for someone to appear on their behalf. Applications must be received on or before August 20th of each year.  

7.      What is a Mill Rate?
In Connecticut, property tax rates are expressed in mills, or thousandths of a dollar.  The Town of Newtown current mill rate is 33.32 for the 10/01/12 Grand List (.02454 rate when expressed in decimal form) which results in the payment of $33.32 for each $1,000 of a taxable property’s assessed value. For example, if a house is assessed at $300,000 to determine what the taxes would be take $300,000 and multiply the figure by .03332 and the taxes come out to be $9,996 for the year.

            Equation :   House assessment   X   Mill Rate   =  Taxes for the Year

8.      How are mill rates and bills determined?
The budgeted revenue divided by the total assessed value of all property equals the mill rate. This mill rate is established when the towns people vote to accept the budgeted revenue needed. Once the mill rate has been determined, the individual property’s assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate to determine the tax owed.
   **The mill rate is determined each year in the month of May.

9.      What is the assessment date in Newtown?
The uniform assessment date in the State of Connecticut is October 1st. Each Grand List runs from October 1st of a given year to September 30th of the next year.
10.     What is revaluation?
Revaluation is “….mass appraisal of all property within an assessment jurisdiction to equalize assessed values……”
As this definition indicates, the primary purpose of a revaluation is to eliminate any assessment inequities that may have developed since the implementation of a previous revaluation.  This is accomplished by updating the assessments of real property to reflect their fair market values as of the date of the revaluation.

11.     When is the next revaluation for Newtown scheduled?
October 1st, 2017.

12.     I no longer own a vehicle.  How do I remove it from being taxed?
The Town of Newtown requires a plate receipt from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and a second form of proof showing what happened to the motor vehicle (please see link for options). The Town of Newtown requires a second from of proof in order to determine the month of adjustment.   Unregistered motor vehicles are subject to tax as well which is why the town is unable to take a plate receipt alone in order to remove from the tax role.(Proof for deletion or adjustments to Motor Vehicles)

13.     When are Personal Property Declarations filed?
Personal Property declarations are accepted from October 1st through November 1st of each year.  Failure to file by November 1st will incur a 25% penalty.

14.     What local option exemptions are available in Newtown?
EMT/Fireman Exemption- EMT’s and Fireman are able to receive a benefit after the individual has volunteered for 3 or more years. Please check with your fire chief for forms and requirements..
Handicapped Equipped Vehicles- In order to receive a handicap exemption on a motor vehicle an inspection is required, and the form must be received in our office no later than October 1st in order to receive the exemption for that given year.(Handicapped Vechicle Application Form)